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Free State of Jones

Posted on Feb 17, 2016

Based on the incredible true story that you probably don’t remember hearing about in your American History class, Free State of Jones tells of Newt Knight (Matthew McConaughey) and the rebellion that he lead against the Confederacy during the American Civil War.

After surviving the 1862 Battle of Corinth as a Confederate soldier, Newt, a poor farmer from Mississippi, realizes that he’s had enough. From what he can see, the soldiers are all out there dying so that the rich can stay rich. But, as he puts it, “no man ought to tell another man what he’s got to live for, or what he’s got to die for.” Newt deserts the army and ends up leading a group of small farmers and local slaves in an extraordinary armed rebellion against the Confederacy in Jones County. The result: Jones County, Mississippi seceded from the Confederacy to create a Free State of Jones. Eventually Newt marries Rachel (Gugu Mbatha-Raw), a former slave, and establishes a unique mixed-race community in the post-war South.

Free State of Jones was written and directed by four-time Oscar nominee Gary Ross (The Hunger Games, Seabiscuit, Pleasantville). The film is scheduled to be released into theaters on May 13, 2016 by STX Entertainment. This action drama also stars Keri Russell, Mahershala Ali, Brendan Gleeson, Jacob Lofland, Brad Carter, Sean Bridgers and Kirk Bovill.